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Cellulose Triacetate Films (CTA) are noted for the wide range and versatility of their chemical and physical properties which make them a preferred choice of material in a wide range of industrial applications.

CTA must be processed into film in a solution, due to its very high softening temperature that cannot be significantly reduced by added plasticizers.

Island Pyrochemical Industries (IPI) uses a sophisticated solvent casting process to produce high quality triacetate films at our manufacturing plant in Wolfen, Germany. IPI produces CTA films in various thicknesses that range from 38 to 200 in a clear or matte finish.

IPI's CTA films are used, among others, for:

  • Manufacture of Polarizer Films for LCD screens
  • Photographic film base
  • Production of animation cels
  • Release films in various industries 
films are also used in other applications, such as, graphic art, electrical, electronic, audio and packaging.

CTA films have high thermal stability and resistance to grease, oil, aromatic hydrocarbons and most common solvents. CTA films are also characterized by their hard glossy surface, superior optical clarity and high dielectric constant.

CTA films are easily processed and can be laminated, coated, folded, pressure formed, slit and die-cut.


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