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All pyrotechnic chemical compositions contain an oxidizer component and a fuel component. Additional ingredients that are present in most pyrotechnic compositions include binding agents, retardants and waterproofing agents. Smoke dyes and color intensifiers are present as required.

IPI supplies various chemicals that are used in formulations of pyrotechnic compositions.

  • Oxidizers are usually substances that release oxygen at high temperatures. Oxygen is provided by the nitrates of barium, strontium, sodium and potassium; by the Perchlorate of ammonium and potassium; and by the peroxides of barium, strontium and lead.
  • The pyrotechnic fuel components include finely powered metals such as aluminum, magnesium, metal hydrates, red phosphorous, sulfur and other materials.
  • Binding agents in a pyrotechnic composition include resin, waxes, plastics and oils.
  • Color intensifiers are highly chlorinated organic compounds such as hexachlorophene (C2Cl6), hexachlorobenzene (C6Cl6) and polyvinyl chloride.
  • Smoke dyes are Azo and Anthraquinone dyes. These dyes provide the color in smokes used for signaling, marking and spotting.

Pyrotechnic compositions are used to produce pyrotechnic devices such as:

  • Illuminating Flares
    Usually made from 55% magnesium, 38% sodium nitrate and 6% binder. IPI supplies:
    • Magnesium Powder iaw MIL-M-382C Type III and MIL-P-14067A Type I
    • Magnesium Granules, Flaked and/or Chipped iaw MIL-M-382C Type I
    • Laminac Resins
    • Vinyl Alcohol Acetate Resin (VAAR) MIL-V-50433 for use as a binder
  • Infrared Flares
    These flares use metals rather than sodium.
    IPI manufactures the following materials that are used in the production of infrared flares:
    • Cesium Nitrate
    • Barium Nitrate
    • Red Phosphorous (regular, phlegmatized and micro-encapsulated material is available)
  • Tracer Composition
    The tracer composition is used mainly in small arms ammunition for spotting, incendiary and fire control purposes. The light produced by the burning tracer composition is used for tracking.
    IPI manufactures the following materials that are used in the production of tracer compositions:
    • Barium Chromate, MIL-B-550
    • Barium Nitrate, MIL-B-162D
    • Barium Peroxide, MIL-B-153A
    • Calcium Resinate, MIL-C-20470A
    • Calcium Silicide, MIL-C-324C (CaSi2)
    • Coating Compound (Bituminous Solvent Type, Black), MIL-C-450
    • Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Powdered, JAN-M-454
    • Magnesium Powder, MIL-M-382C
    • Polyvinyl Chloride, MIL-P-20307A
    • Strontium Nitrate, MIL-S-20322B
    • Strontium Peroxide, MIL-S-612B
    • Vinyl Alcohol Acetate Resin Solution (VAAR), MIL-V-50433
  • Metal Powder
    • Powder, Metal, for use in Ammunition, MIL-P-14067
    • Magnesium Powder, Ellipsoidal, MIL-P-14067
    • Magnesium Powder Flaked and/or Chip, MIL-M-382
    • Magnesium Powder, Atomized, MIL-M-382C
  • Delay Elements
    A delay element uses a contained pyrotechnic delay composition in an ignition train to provide a delayed ignition. Examples of uses for the delay compositions specified below are fuze explosive trains and cartridge actuated devices.
    Delay Composition
    Zirconium Nickel Alloy Delay Composition
    Zirconium Nickel Alloy, Powdered, MIL-Z-11410
    Barium Chromate, MIL-B-550
    Potassium Perchlorate, MIL-P-217
    Manganese Delay Composition
    Manganese Powder, JAN-M-476
    Barium Chromate, MIL-B-550
    Lead Chromate, JAN-L-488
    Tungsten Delay Composition
    Tungsten Powder, AS-2686
    Barium Chromate, MIL-B-550
    Potassium Perchlorate, MIL-P-217

IPI supplies the above compositions and the materials used in the formulation of the delay compositions. Our production of Zirconium-Nickel Alloy, Powder, Type I 70/30 and Type II 30/70 (MIL-Z-11410) is known in the industry for its high quality and competitive pricing.

  • Ignition Elements
    An ignition element uses a contained pyrotechnic ignition composition to provide a specific ignition pulse.
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks use different pyrotechnic compositions to provide a color, illumination and sound effects.
  • Signal Flares
    These flares are small and fast burning. Various metals are added to the composition to control the color of the flare.


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