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Cellulose Triacetate (TAC) Films

Cellulose Triacetate Films (TAC, or CTA) are noted for the wide range and versatility of their chemical and physical properties.

IPI’s TAC films, produced by its German subsidiary, IPI GmbH, offer advantageous physical and chemical qualities, making them far superior to other types of films:

  1. Impact resistant glossy surface
  2. Resistance to extreme temperatures and high thermal stability
  3. Resistance to harsh chemical environments
  4. High optical clarity
  5. Resistance to grease, oil, aromatic hydrocarbons and most common solvents
  6. High dielectric constant
  7. Flexibility in form and processing – IPI’s TAC films can be laminated, coated, folded, pressure formed, slit and die-cut.

These qualities make IPI’s TAC films the preferred choice of material in a wide range of industrial applications, including

  1. Manufacture of Polarizer Films for LCD panels
  2. Polarized, Colored and Non-Colored, UV Filtered Film for Sunglass Lens Manufacture
  3. High-resistance coating for Industrial Safety Face Shields
  4. Release films in various industries
  5. Photographic film base 

IPI’s TAC films are also used in other applications, such as, graphic art, electrical, electronic, audio and packaging.

IPI's TAC films are available in various thicknesses that range from 38µ to 200µ in a clear or matte finish.

IPI TAC Film Applications include:

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